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Handbag Parties


Handbag Parties are unlike any hosted parties you might have been to. Bellagina has replaced pushy sales people with cocktails, pressure to buy with light conversation, and there are absolutely no minimum sales requirements or obligations to become a sales consultant. It’s all about having fun and being fabulous. Bellagina simply believes that women need to reacquaint themselves with the excitement of shopping with friends.


Our dream is to provide the best parts of a “Girls’ Night Out” in the comfort of your home or any other location you choose. All Bellagina events feature food and drinks but that’s just the beginning. Pick your poison - throw a Handbag Party on your terms. You pick the location, the date, the theme...you’re the hostess. Bellagina is just here to give that inner fashionista-party girl a place to shine.


     We can provide services from the basic handbag party in your living room to a complete catered event! You can even have your own one on one personal shopper in your home. The options are limited only by your imagination. Think of Bellagina as a mobile handbag & accessory store with plenty other goodies to indulge in.


     Handbag Parties start at $45.00 and can be customized to fit any needs. Our party fees can be waived based on sales! Please call for more specific information and quotes.


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